Omniverse Machinima

Completely Machinima S1 Ep 15 News (August 2021)

Ricky Grove Machinima, Omniverse Machinima, Podcast August 5, 2021 1 Comment

In this episode, Ricky, Tracy and Damien are joined by an AI of Phil, who is surprisingly agreeable.  The hosts mark the passing of machinima stalwart, Ken White, creator of TMOA and TMUnderground community radio sites.  Then the team discuss iClone 7’s lip sync contest, Whanowa’s Grand Theft Auto tutorials, updates to Nightmare Puppeteer, puppeteering in Adobe’s Character Animator, the rise of adult animation, making a cinematic with Unreal Engine 5 and Blender and performing Hamlet in Grant Theft Auto, Star Wars and Xcom among other games, and being your own architect of hell, with Hell Architect.

Completely Machinima Interview: Dane Johnston, Nvidia Omniverse Machinima

Dane Johnston is the Director of Omniverse Connect at NVIDIA and a member of the recently released (May 4, 2021) Omniverse Machinima. We spoke with him just before the release and asked him about the Machinima app. Note: the Omniverse Machinima app was released on May 5, 2021. There is no direct download. You have to go inside of the Omniverse app and select “Machinima” to install internally. Be sure to read the documentation as the requirements are essential for the program to work.