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Completely Machinima S1 Ep 3 News & Show Notes (April 2021)

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And Now For Something Completely Machinima is a podcast devoted to machinima (movies made in game engines), real-time technologies, and virtual reality. This month (April 2021) we are splitting our 3rd podcast into four sections which will post once a week: Machinima News (April 1), Machinima Films (April 8), Machinima Discussion (April 15), and a Special “Build a Machinima PC” podcast (April 22).

Episode 3 was produced by Ricky Grove joined by hosts Phil RiceTracy Harwood and Damien Valentine.

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Machinima News features updates, recommendations for new games, Phil’s re-cam of the famous Quake 2 match (Thresh vs Billox), Tracy’s publication with Ben Grussi called Pioneers in Machinima, information about Stanford’s machinima archive, comments we have received from our blog posts and a recording from one of our callers.

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Time Stamps & LINKS

3:41 All Half-Life 2 Game Sounds and Music

4:18 Fivars VR Festival  FIVARS | Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories

4:35 Cine Guru Cut Scene Cinematic Asset for Game Guru
Cine Guru – Game Creator Store (

5:20 Microsoft Mesh Introducing Microsoft Mesh | Here can be anywhere

6:10 Milan Machinima Festival 2021 MILAN MACHINIMA FESTIVAL

6:39 Houdini Engine Free for Unity and Unreal

Houdini – 3D modeling, animation, VFX, look development, lighting and rendering | SideFX

On Houdini Nodes Nodes

11:22 Start of Recommended New Games

Sunlight 2021 on Steam

11:50 Medium for PC

On Green Man Gaming, or on Steam

Nexus mods

12:18 Indie Game Round-UP (YouTube)

12:30 Death Trash PC Game

12:51 Sable for PC on Steam

13:09 City of Ghosts Netflix Animated series

Article: Neighborhood Spirits: Elizabeth Ito Shares the Inspiration Behind ‘City of Ghosts’

15:12 Cyberpunk 2077 Modding Introduction

Nexus Mods

15:58 Phil’s recam of famous Quake 2 match “Thresh vs Billox”

Full Video: Thresh vs. Billox

19:20 Tracy Harwood’s new book “Pioneers in Machinima”

Book: Pioneers in Machinima: The Grassroots of Virtual Production [Paperback]

Vid: Sponsors vs Freeloaders

Vid: Rooster Teeth’s Red Vs Blue (Ep1)

Vid: Diary of a Camper

Vid: The French Democracy

Vid: Stolen Life

32:19’s Machinima Collection

Machinima: Free Movies: Free Download, Borrow and Streaming: Internet Archive

34:41 Phil Rice on “Listener Feedback” and the poignant message from Tampon Insertion Gallery, a podcast listener bot.