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S4 E138 Cyberpunk+Found Footage: Inner Migration (July 2024)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes July 17, 2024 Leave a reply

This week’s film is a machinima that deals with pollution in the most overt way it can. Andy Hughes’ Inner Migration juxtaposes Cyberpunk 2077 against some ‘found footage’ taken from early 40s/60s films and General Motors corporate ‘forecast’ of the future of technology. We discuss how machinima is an interesting way to explore social commentary and analyze the use of video games as a medium for artistic expression and engaging young people in social responsibility. We also reflect on the potential of media and science fiction to inspire change and address social ills. Our conversation concludes with insights on how viewers can make sense of complex films and draw inspiration from multiple perspectives.

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Show Notes & Links

Inner Migration 720 by Andy Hughes, released 18 March 2024

Prelinger archive, accessible here

S4 E137 Machinima News Omnibus (July 2024)

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This month’s news omnibus covers our usual breadth of topics – from Reallusion’s Character Creator contest; to a ‘how to create in SL’, available only in SL; to Project Odyssey’s contest for genAIers; to the winners of the second AIFF; to some fabulous projects such as  @EpicSpaceman  latest film, an Elden Ring band, Jennifer McKnew’s Sydney and Socket project, and one dedicated to sharing with us the ‘speed of animals’; to the fallout from the Prince Charles Cinema debate about showcasing an genAI film; launch of the Starfield Creation Kit; Homefield 3; and a must have tool for creating great quality 3D backbounds called Distopica. Its a must watch for anyone working in #machinima!

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Show Notes & Links

Reallusion’s Character Creator contest, link here

SL marketplace, Stem Van Helsinki’s virtual book on ‘how to be a video artist in Second Life’, link here

Skibidi toilet meme and Roblox game link here

Project Odyssey contest for genAI films, link here

Stable Diffusion’s Stable Audio Open, link here

OpenAI’s Sora and screening at the Tribeca Film Festival, links here and here

Epic Spaceman’s latest science jaunt – this time to the nano scale –

An Elden Ring band, not the usual kind of thing you will run into inside the game for sure –

A curious short about a swan and a robot, made in Unreal, entitled Sydney and Socket directed by Jennifer McKnew –

and Jennifer’s reflections on the creative process here

Red Side’s speed comparison of 3D animals –

Prince Charles Cinema debate, link here

Starfield Creation Kit, available here

Homeworld 3 mod tools and editor, available here

Dystopika, sandbox for futuristic cities, available on Steam here

S4 E136 GTA5: Los Santos police throw themselves into offering box (July 2024)

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This week’s film review is of [GTA5] 賽銭箱に身を投げる ロスサントス市警察, made by  @mzanku  – its absurdist humor but also deeply disturbing, which hits us all in different ways around half way through watching the film. Following our discussions, we conclude the creator probably didn’t intend for the work to be culturally appropriated as an interpretation of US police brutality, but that interpretation was nonetheless possible. In closing out the ep, Ricky discusses the new DLC for Elden Ring and the role cheese plays in enjoying it.

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Show Notes & Links

[GTA5] 賽銭箱に身を投げる ロスサントス市警察 or Los Santos police throw themselves into offering box by mzankurow, released 14 April 2024 –

Elden Ring DLC available to download from Steam here

S4 E135 Destruction & Hope: Day of Darkness II | The Wanderer (June 2024)

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In this episode, we analyse our picks’ cinematics, beginning with ‘Day of Darkness’ made in Eve Online by Dire Lauthris and completing with ‘The Wanderer’ made in the Source engine by Dominzki. We discuss the use of ambiguity, character development, and narrative qualities, as well as the advancement of video game cinematics and in-engine techniques. We also examine how the horror of war has been conveyed through the unique visuals and sound effects in both these films.

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Show Notes & Links

Day of Darkness II by Dire Lauthris, released 30 March 2009

Interesting film review here

Best EVE Online fan video listings here

The Wanderer [SFM Short Film] by Dominzki, released 8 March 2024

Interview with Dominzki in Mann Magazine here

By way of reference, check out our review of Leo Lucien Bay’s film Beast here, which we did in the very first episode of our podcast!

S4 E134 iClone: Lonely Episode 2: The Package Thief (June 2024)

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This week, we discuss the art of machinima filmmaking, emphasizing the importance of craftsmanship, freshness, and humor in exceptional storytelling, as evidenced in ‘Lonely Episode Two: The Package Thief’ by TheBizTheBiz. We analyze the efficiency and density used in delivering witty lines and twists in what is essentially a modern retelling of the Lone Ranger, using mariachi music, masks, and character development, clever use of language and a well-executed comedic setup.

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Show Notes & Links

Lonely Episode 2: The Package Thief by thebizthebiz, released 10 May 2024

The opening scene from the TV series –

Monty Pythony’s constitutional peasants sketch –