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S3 E74 Film Reviews: iClone Short & Machinima Final (Apr 2023)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes April 22, 2023 Leave a reply

This week’s film selection comprises 2 shorts, both untitled but actually worlds apart in their development. Its not often we get to comment on a first ever machinima project as the framing for a creative idea but our first film is just that, by Sydney Walker and made in an environment we have never seen used for machinima before, Final Fantasy 14. Our second film is a psychological thriller, drawing us in from a the whole world of familiar cinematic language in a way that we struggled with in the Astartes Project. BUT, the title needs work because “iClone shorts” just doesn’t cut it for us… over to Just Art Animation Studios!

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Show Notes & Links

MachinimaFinal by Sydney Walker, released 10 Feb 2023 –

iClone Short by Just Art Animation, released 25 Feb 2023 –

and BennyDee/Benjamin Dazhi YouTube channel here –