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S4 Completely Machinima Interview: Phil Rice, funny man (June 2024)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes June 15, 2024 Leave a reply

Welcome to our latest bonus episode. We had the pleasure of catching up with Phil Rice aka zsOverman to talk exclusively about his latest machinima, called Being Moses. If there’s such as thing as a parody of a Let’s Play, this film is it! Check out Phil’s comments and watch the film.

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Show Notes and Links

Being Moses – a Vintage Story #machinima tale by zsOverman aka Phil Rice, released 17 May 2024

Trailer for Vintage Story –

Completely Machinima S1 Ep 14 Discussion (July 2021)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes July 15, 2021 Leave a reply

Tracy,  Ricky,  Damien and Phil discuss key issues for making machinima in metaverse and open world games with themes including collaboration, why people left machinima for let’s plays and meme-making, the role of memory making, and the future of machinima.