S3 E96 Unreal Engine: Backrooms medley (Sept 2023)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes September 27, 2023 Leave a reply

In this week’s episode, we discuss the phenomenal Backrooms meme that has emerged ever since  @kanepixels  original film (and the much awaited Netflix version was announced). We review three examples of the works being created, variously using levels of the rapidly evolving game: Chaos in the Hub by  @BackroomsMerchant  is probably the most close to the original horror vibe; Endless Escalators by  @ReturnToRender  is an example of great comedic timing; and Crab Rave – Backrooms Edition by  @Madlykeanu  is just pure fun, and an example of a meme upon a meme. As Phil suggests, however, has it gone too far, a la Poltergeist and Alien, and what does this astonishing level of response to the original film mean for the success of the Netflex release? We have mixed views and yet geniusly, somehow, Ricky manages to invoke Kafka into the discussion!

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Show Notes and Links

Film selection – Chaos in the Hub by Backrooms Merchant, released 1 August 2022 –

Endless Escalators, by Return to Render, released 24 October 2022 –

Crab Rave – Backrooms Edition by Madkeanu, released 2 June 2022 –

and here’s the meme this was based on too, Crab Rave by Noisestorm, 2015 –

And, our original review of The Backrooms, released on the channel in Feb –

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