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S3 E65 Let’s Play Nomad X (Feb 2023)

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Ricky’s pick for the month is Let’s Play Nomad X by Kristian Andrews, uploaded to Vimeo on 11 Mar 2013. The film is a ‘slice of life’ comedy with intriguing mix of playing a 90s style space game, Nomad X, and reflecting on losing the love of your life – a perfect antidote for those Valentine’s week shenanigans!

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Show Notes and Links

Let’s Play Nomad X by Kristian Andrews, released 11 March 2013 –

Link to Director’s Notes interview about the film here

One of the director’s favour films, Frontier Fundamentals, Ep 1, @JimPlaysGames –

Game mentioned in the discussion, Barbara-Ian, available on Steam here

S3 E62 Film Review: So I tried to Take a Holiday… (Jan 2023)

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This week, Damien selects a Star Wars short by @Bombastic , released 5 Nov 2022, made with LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga game. This is a totally zany edit of a let’s play improv performance, by a creator who clearly has every detail of the SW Canon nailed to his bucket and spade… if only you can keep up with the camera. But maybe we’re just a bunch of old fogies?

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Show Notes & Links

So I Tried to Take a Holiday by Bombastic, released 5 Nov 2022 –

Let’s Play – Tracy in Second Life

Ricky Grove Blog August 29, 2021 Leave a reply

This video was created for the August 2021 episode of the Completely Machinima podcast series. Podcast co-host Tracy Harwood is joined by guest host Chantal Harvey to meet machinima creators at the Machinima Mondays meetup group in Second Life at the Jewell Theatre, part of the Simandiriel sim (created and owned by Fake Jewell & Dorian Cao). Machinima Mondays is organized and hosted by Chantal and is one of the oldest groups in Second Life, meeting weekly to discuss all things machinima.

This week, the group discuss the outcome of a workshop where they created a 60-second film, among other things.

Credits: Tracy Harwood, Co-Host, Completely Machinima (w/ Ricky Grove, Phil Rice & Damien Valentine) Chantal Harvey, Guest Co-Host, Completely Machinima & Organizer, Machinima Mondays Ricky Grove, Co-Host, Completely Machinima & Editor Spring Fields by Godmode (music)

With thanks to participants:

  • Fake Jewell
  • Amardon Wonder
  • Shelwyn Corrigan
  • Ataro Asbrink

and audience members:

  • Dorian Cao
  • NicoleX Moonwall
  • Haveit Neox/12th Night
  • Pryda Parx
  • TomSTomson

Filmed on location at:

The Jewell Theatre, Simandiriel sim, Second Life

Films discussed:

Chantal Harvey, Sex Talk – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy4Q_…

Ataro Asbrink, Circles – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xB2Ha…

Amardon Wonder, Mouse Hunter – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19kSa…

Fake Jewell, Two Paws – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zd2BL…

Haveit Neox, The Catch – https://vimeo.com/575091723

Machinima Mondays Facebook group


Let’s Play – Shooting a scene in Nightmare Puppeteer

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All four of us at Completely Machinima decided to each to a short Let’s Play video. My choice was to shoot a scene in M dot Strange’s game Nightmare Puppeteer (on Steam at $4.99). After creating a puppet in Adobe Character Animator (another program I like very much), I use that character to narrate my Let’s Play inside of Nightmare Puppeteer. If you are interested in either of the programs just click the highlights and you can find out more.

If you are having trouble seeing the video, try this link: https://youtu.be/8qZonW7xyNo