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Completely Machinima Interview: M dot Strange on Nightmare Puppeteer

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Ricky has been writing a series of articles on working with Nightmare Puppeteer, a game whose function is to allow you to create machinima movies. This is for renderositymagazine.com. As part of the series, he interviewed the developer and filmmaker, M dot Strange (a name he doesn’t like, so we came up with Animan Puncture). We spoke with him about the game and his new film, M doll, which was originally supposed to premiere in an interactive version on Steam on October 29, 2021. But just after this interview took place, Steam removed the game, and M dot is, well, steamed about it! I’m sure he’ll come up with a new distributor, but the date will probably be moved back. 

M Doll by M Dot Strange (Nightmare Puppeteer)


Nightmare Puppeteer

M doll movie

Imagination Rabbit

12 Weeks with Nightmare Puppeteer

There’s also a video version of this interview on Ricky’s Youtube channel.

Completely Machinima S1 Ep 21 News (October 2021)

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Ricky, Phil, Tracy and Damien discuss updates, new releases and toolsets that will be of interest to machinima creators everywhere!

Show Notes and Links

Mad God by Phil Tippett, trailer

Nightmare Puppeteer Documentary

Nightmare Puppeteer

Nightmare Puppeteer Documentary

Imagination Rabbit Channel tutorial


The World Beyond, Ricky’s series

Free Game Planet

Core Games

Diablo 2 Resurrected

Blender 3.0 release 1 December 2021 and release notes

Nvidia Omniverse Machinima update – 5 tips

Nvidia Omniverse Create design contest

Quake Remastered

Age of Empires 4

Let’s Play – Shooting a scene in Nightmare Puppeteer

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All four of us at Completely Machinima decided to each to a short Let’s Play video. My choice was to shoot a scene in M dot Strange’s game Nightmare Puppeteer (on Steam at $4.99). After creating a puppet in Adobe Character Animator (another program I like very much), I use that character to narrate my Let’s Play inside of Nightmare Puppeteer. If you are interested in either of the programs just click the highlights and you can find out more.

If you are having trouble seeing the video, try this link: https://youtu.be/8qZonW7xyNo

Completely Machinima Interview: Slavo Strangeovich

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And Now For Something Completely Machinima is a long-form podcast devoted to machinima (movies made in game engines), real-time technologies and virtual reality. This month (April 2021) we are splitting our podcast into four sections which will post once a week: Machinima News (April 1), Machinima Films (April 8), Machinima Discussion (April 15), and a Special “Build a Machinima PC” podcast (April 22).

This episode was produced by Ricky Grovejoined by hosts Phil RiceTracy Harwoodand Damien Valentine.

Summary:  Ricky interviews Slavo Strangeovich (formerly known as m dot strange) about his new game “Nightmare Puppeteer”, which is actually a great machinima-creation tool. 

Contact and Feedback for this show: https://completelymachinima.com/#talk

Fully detailed and link-infused notes for this episode are available at:
  Address is coming

Slavo Interview

Imagination Rabbit Youtube channel


Nightmare Puppeteer on Steam-like

Nightmare Puppeteer on Steam (steampowered.com)

Nightmare Puppeteer website

Nightmare Puppeteer

Time links

1:31         Sets in Nightmare Puppeteer

3:35         Running Man set

5:35         Slavo corrects Ricky: He outsourced set creation like a good capitalist

6:48         Slavo on “Rando” characters and their use in Nightmare Puppeteer

8:28         Public response to Nightmare Puppeteer

9:28         Ricky can’t read his own handwriting but asks question anyway

10:17      Twitch Integration 

12:53      Fast overview on how to create machinima in Nightmare Puppeteer

14:38      How to record video in Nightmare Puppeteer

15:31      Hidden features in Nightmare Puppeteer

17:48      How to bring in custom content

19:45      Ricky’s Strange Opera idea and how to remove singers voice from a recording

21:14      Aida with Caruso and music credits

               link to Caruso recording at archive.org (public domain


Completely Machinima S1 Ep 1 (February 2021)

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Show Notes for Season 1 Episode 1
And Now For Something Completely Machinima  is a monthly, hour-long podcast devoted to machinima (movies made in game engines), real-time technologies and virtual reality.

Podcast Hosts
This podcast was produced by 
Ricky Grove. He is joined by hosts Phil RiceTracy Harwood and Damien Valentine.  More detailed bios are available at our podcast website www.completelymachinima.com

Podcast 1 Summary
Our first podcast features four main sections along with a short satirical skit. We’ve created time-stamps for each section  and links for topics discussed are in the description.

*Disclosure: This podcast and blog is listener/reader supported. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, may earn us a small commission to help cover the costs of producing the show. Read full disclaimer here.

Machinima News 

Machinima Films of the Month

Aside: The original “The Town that Dreaded Sundown” is available at Amazon on Blu-Ray/DVD and also (at this time) on Amazon Prime.

Machinima Filmmaker Interview – David Vann

  • Ricky contacted the director of the “Town That Dreaded Sundown” trailer (David Vann) by phone and spoke with him about his background as a filmmaker and how he created his film in RDR2. David also spoke about his stop-motion Lego films which are hilarious and satirical. 

Machinima Group Discussion

  • Ricky posed two questions to his other three hosts 1, What is the difference between the terms “machinima”, “real-time animation” and “virtual cinema?” and 2, What is the status of machinima in 2021? Is machinima in decline or are we advancing?  The answers were diverse and  ranged through machinima films/filmmakers past and present.

Note:  Uncut version of our Machinima News is available here