The Eye Calenthek

S3 E48 Film Review: ‘The Eye: Calenthek’ by Aaron Sims (Oct 2022)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes October 12, 2022 Leave a reply

In this episode, we review Tracy’s pick for the month: ‘The Eye: Calanthek’ by Aaron Sims, made in Unreal Engine 5 using Metahuman tech, as an early exemplar of the capabilities of the engine (released 2021).

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We discuss the eyes, the monster, the surprise and camera shots.

Time stamps

1:06 Tracy introduces ‘The Eye: Calanthek‘ by Aaron Sims, released 4 November 2021

5:56 What makes it so realistic? The eyes!

11:02 Things that break the storytelling

15:02 Does knowing the craft of filmmaking restrict creative approaches to filmmaking?


Aaron Sims interview with Allan McKay, Ep 364, Filmmaking in Unreal and another with Ian Failes on Befores&Afters

Aaron Sims YouTube channel, with ‘behind the scenes’ reviews where you can leave questions for him to answer