Completely Machinima S1 Special: How to Build a Machinima PC

Ricky Grove Podcast Episodes April 23, 2021 1 Comment

Phil Rice and Ricky Grove discuss building a PC specifically for machinima production and post-production. They start with the GPU and work their way through an entire PC build adding tips and techniques for making a great machinima workstation PC.

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Phil’s PC Build

Budget: $2,000


Note: Phil’s build is very much a multi-role machine… 1) machinima / animation creation, 3) live streaming to Twitch and YouTube, 3) video editing – sometimes 4K footage, and 4) DAW (digital audio workstation), so he had some extra storage needs that may be extreme for most setups. That’s also the reason for his insistence on 32GB of RAM.

Actual Price = $2,030 + tax

Ricky’s PC Build

Budget: $1,000-$1,200


Actual Price = $1,530 (oops)

Additional Items:

Time Links

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