S3 E66 Film Review: Secret Moon by Orencloud (Feb 2023)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes February 22, 2023 Leave a reply

This week we review the winner of the 2022 Kitbash3D moving image challenge contest, based on their free Mission to Minerva asset pack. The film is called Secret Moon by Orencloud, and what a visually stunning and ethereal representation of Minerva this is, with a clear trajectory between this piece and Orencloud’s portfolio. We discuss some of the ways in which the film works and works less well for us, and note that at least one of us missed the ending!

YouTube Version of this Episode

Show Notes and Links

Secret Moon, by Orencloud, released 1 December 2022, film link –

Link to Orencloud’s webste and portfolio

Link to Kitbash3D’s showreel for the Mission to Minerva challenge contest outcomes –

and for their press release on the winners, check out the Kitbash3D website here

Download the Mission to Minerva asset pack here

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