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S4 Completely Machinima Interview: Phil Rice, funny man (June 2024)

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Welcome to our latest bonus episode. We had the pleasure of catching up with Phil Rice aka zsOverman to talk exclusively about his latest machinima, called Being Moses. If there’s such as thing as a parody of a Let’s Play, this film is it! Check out Phil’s comments and watch the film.

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Show Notes and Links

Being Moses – a Vintage Story #machinima tale by zsOverman aka Phil Rice, released 17 May 2024

Trailer for Vintage Story –

S4 E133 Machinima News Omnibus (Jun 2024)

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This week we celebrate Nvidia’s investment in machinima, discuss latest AIs and give you the heads up on some great projects we want to highlight – there are just too many for us to fully review everything we’re seeing that we want to share with you these days! Do check them out, we’d love to hear your thoughts too – links and notes below.

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Show Notes & Links

Homage to Nvidia’s Omniverse Machinima app by Pekka Varis, released 14 April 2024 –

Here’s a link to Omniverse USD Composer

Projects Worth Catching Up On

Endgame by Peaches Chrenko and Dark Machine Audio, sound track –

JP Ferre’s DCS: Spitfires – Cinematic, a real tribute to those brave souls in WWII –

TheDavedood (Scratby Films) animation for Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon 50 years celebration – this one is for the single, Time –

Anomidae’s latest episode of the Half Life supernatural series Interloper –

Fallout inspired videos: JT Music’s Fallout rap, All in With the Fallout –

and Fallout – Dream on (tribute) by Couch Patrol –

Fables of the Foolish by Dreeko –

AI is Genie-us Init?

ElevenLabs has released a dubbing toolset tutorial, making different languages for videos even more accessible – link here

Google DeepMind has announced a new video generation model called Veo, which produces 1080p res videos for over a minute length in a whole range of different cinematic styles – link here

Stability AI has launched Stable Artisan to a wider user group on Discord – ats a tool for media generation and editing – link here

Showrunner by The Simulation, text to episode generator – link here

Winner of the 2nd AI Film Festival at Runway is by Daniel Antebi, called Get Me Out –

Luc Shurgers’ Skibidi Sam, video only on LinkedIn, created using Replikant – link here

Sony backs out of AI training with its catalogue – article here

Cor Blimey!

The real Backrooms discovered – check it out here

Another movies game, yes really! This one is called Movies Tycoon, link here

We are living in the Matrix, Black Mirror style – check out the episode Joan is Awful –

S4 E132 Star Citizen: 60 Seconds of Horror (Jun 2024)

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A compelling and powerful story of one man’s quest to remain sane on an isolated planet. This is a very effective story by LensNation, given its only 60 seconds long – its probably not just this one creator’s worst nightmare in a game, but several of us. Check out our review and don’t forget to give us some feedback on your thoughts too.

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Show Notes & Links

Star Citizen – 60 Seconds of Horror Contest 2953 by LensNation, released 27 Oct 2023

917 by Krad Productions –

Ignis Solus by Lit Fuse Films –

Moon trailer –

S4 E131 Forlorn (May 2024)

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This week, we review a pretender for a new Disney show called Forlorn, by @projectforlorn (aka Alex St Pierre). Well, it may well be at some point in the near future! Starting life as a tech demo, this short has an interesting back story and has evolved into something even more interesting. Check out our review and add your own thoughts!

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Show Notes & Links

Forlorn | Unreal Engine Short Film by Project Forlorn, released 3 Jan 2024 –

About Project Forlorn, website information here

How to and interview for Kitbash3D with St Pierre on Forlorn –

What is a MacGuffin? Check it out here

Trailer for Something Wicked This Way Comes, Disney –

S4 E130 Music Maestro Please! (May 2024)

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This week, we discuss two stunning music videos: Children of Pain by @VincereSylph with video created by  @TomJantol and  @tanyasubaBg; and Firefly by Esterica in Unreal Engine. Children of Pain is a perfect example of Tom’s ‘anymation’ approach whilst Firefly demonstrates just how far Unreal Engine has come as a creative toolset in one year alone!

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Show Notes & Links

Children of Pain (Official Single) by Vincere Sylph, released 6 April 2024

Tom Jantol’s video for WiL/William Mimnaugh called Lion’s Feet (in 2022) –

Tanya’s channel here

Firefly by Esoterica, released 21 March 2024

Luis Andrade, showreel here

Luis Andrade’s Mastering Cinematics channel here

There’s a how to video on Tiktok, link here –


The music video for Firefly took just under a year to create, here’s a peek behind the scenes to see how it was done with the help of mastermind Luis F Andrade. #esoterica #firefly #unrealengine #moveai #behindthescene #bts #progmetal #metalcore

♬ Firefly – Esoterica

Jackson Wang, Cruel –

Paul Marino’s I’m Still Seeing Breen –

The Creator, trailer –