S4 E134 iClone: Lonely Episode 2: The Package Thief (June 2024)

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This week, we discuss the art of machinima filmmaking, emphasizing the importance of craftsmanship, freshness, and humor in exceptional storytelling, as evidenced in ‘Lonely Episode Two: The Package Thief’ by TheBizTheBiz. We analyze the efficiency and density used in delivering witty lines and twists in what is essentially a modern retelling of the Lone Ranger, using mariachi music, masks, and character development, clever use of language and a well-executed comedic setup.

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Show Notes & Links

Lonely Episode 2: The Package Thief by thebizthebiz, released 10 May 2024

The opening scene from the TV series –

Monty Pythony’s constitutional peasants sketch –

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