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S3 E76 Film Review: After War (May 2023)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes May 4, 2023 Leave a reply

This week, Ricky, Phil and Damien begin with an brief discussion of the roles AI is being used for to restore old machinimas, and in particular the very exciting upcoming release Phil will be doing of old Machiniplex films – more on that in due course!

The film discussion centres on After War by RG Studios and their approach to telling a story without moving a camera in the Half Life 2 world.

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Show Notes & Links

Hitpaw video enhancer AI, subscription information here

Machiniplex, no longer exists as a platform/website, but the link on the archive is here for the moment!

This week’s film by RG Studios, released on 3 March 2023 –

S3 E61 Film Review: INTERLOPER: Half Life 2’s Greatest Unsolved Mystery (Jan 2023)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes January 19, 2023 1 Comment

This week, Phil has selected a couple of films by @Anomidae, INTERLOPER: Half Life 2’s Greatest Unsolved Mystery (released 25 Oct 2022) and Interloper 2 The Source Engine’s Deepening Mystery (released 20 Nov 2022). These are astonishingly well done conspiracy documentaries, examining the strange phenomenon of the periodic appearance of alien-like grafitti in a little explored area of Half Life 2. The documentaries are so well done that even after we discussed them at length, Phil remains unconvinced its a hoax! What do you think?

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Show Notes and Links

INTERLOPER: Half Life 2’s Greatest Unsolved Mystery by Anomidae, released 25 October 2022

Interloper 2 The Source Engine’s Deepening Mystery, released 20 Nov 2022

Kardavshev’s theory, article in Science Focus

War of the Worlds radio play, ready by Orson Wells, reviewed in Smithsonian Magazine online here and recording link below to the complete broadcast –

Completely Machinima S1 Ep 22 Films (October 2021)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes October 21, 2021 2 Comments

In this episode, Ricky, Phil, Tracy and Damien discuss horror and Halloween themed films, with some older and more contemporary content in games including Half Life 2, GTA4, Unreal Engine, Half Life Alyx, Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead.

Show Notes & Links

Civil Protection: The Tunnel

Civil Protection: The Tunnel by Accursed Farms, released 19 March 2011

Burgeur Shotte

Burgeur Shotte by Zachariah Scott, released 11 January 2009


Irradiation by Sava Zivkovic, released 11 August 2021

Scout Vs Witch

Scout Vs Witch by Randall Glass, released 31 August 2012

Half Life Alyx, The Movie (Ep 2)

Half Life Alyx, The Movie (Ep 1) by Half Peeps, released 7 July 2021