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S4 E119 Feature Length: Emesis Blue (Mar 2024)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes March 7, 2024 Leave a reply

In all our years of involvement with machinima (over 75 years between us!), feature length has been something we’ve rarely found watchable… but with this week’s pick, we were proven wrong, mostly! Emesis Blue, made in Source Filmmaker using the Team Fortress 2 characterisations by Fortress Films, is an incredibly well-made if very complex story that was crafted over many years.

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Show Notes and Links

Film, by Fortress Films, released 21 Feb 2023 –

Another review here, by Durham College Chronicle.

Ricky discusses pulp fiction, not the Tarantino film, but the style – here’s a useful source to find out more

Phil compares the film to Nolan’s style of filmmaking – more on that here

S3 E60 Film Review: Team Fortress 2 – Law Abiding Engineer by TrueOneMoreUser (Jan 2023)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes January 12, 2023 Leave a reply

This week’s film is Ricky’s pick, a Team Fortress 2 composited trailer of Law Abiding Citizen (film) made using Source tools. We discuss the throwback to the mid 2000s and how well the film has stood up to the test of time, the Saxxy Awards and another TF2 film which we also really enjoyed, Demoman (Pure Pwnage ep 15 Intro) by GiigoPwNs.

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Show Notes and Links

Team Fortress 2 – Law Abiding Engineer, released 1 April 2010 by TrueOneMoreUser

Side by side comparison between Law Abiding Engineer and Law Abiding Citizen

TF2 – Demoman (Pure Pwnage ep 15 Intro), released 25 Nov 2007, by GriigoPwNs

The Saxxy Awards, Team Fortress 2 website

Source Filmmaker on Steam

Throwback: Faceposer, on Valve’s Developer Community site

Find out more about compositing techniques here (

Completely Machinima S1 Ep 22 Films (October 2021)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes October 21, 2021 2 Comments

In this episode, Ricky, Phil, Tracy and Damien discuss horror and Halloween themed films, with some older and more contemporary content in games including Half Life 2, GTA4, Unreal Engine, Half Life Alyx, Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead.

Show Notes & Links

Civil Protection: The Tunnel

Civil Protection: The Tunnel by Accursed Farms, released 19 March 2011

Burgeur Shotte

Burgeur Shotte by Zachariah Scott, released 11 January 2009


Irradiation by Sava Zivkovic, released 11 August 2021

Scout Vs Witch

Scout Vs Witch by Randall Glass, released 31 August 2012

Half Life Alyx, The Movie (Ep 2)

Half Life Alyx, The Movie (Ep 1) by Half Peeps, released 7 July 2021