S4 E136 GTA5: Los Santos police throw themselves into offering box (July 2024)

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This week’s film review is of [GTA5] 賽銭箱に身を投げる ロスサントス市警察, made by  @mzanku  – its absurdist humor but also deeply disturbing, which hits us all in different ways around half way through watching the film. Following our discussions, we conclude the creator probably didn’t intend for the work to be culturally appropriated as an interpretation of US police brutality, but that interpretation was nonetheless possible. In closing out the ep, Ricky discusses the new DLC for Elden Ring and the role cheese plays in enjoying it.

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[GTA5] 賽銭箱に身を投げる ロスサントス市警察 or Los Santos police throw themselves into offering box by mzankurow, released 14 April 2024 –

Elden Ring DLC available to download from Steam here

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