Podcast 1 Trailer (audio version)

Ricky Grove Podcast Episodes January 31, 2021 Leave a reply

Machinima veterans Phil Rice and Ricky Grove along with their machinima pals Tracy Harwood and Damien Valentine are creating a brand-new podcast devoted to machinima (the art of making movies with games), real-time technology and a bit of virtual reality. Their premiere episode will start on February 4, 2021, and will feature news, films, interviews, discussion and satiric comedy all focused on machinima and machinima filmmakers

This teaser/trailer will give you and idea of the style of the Completely Machinima podcast – fun, free wheeling with sharp discussion and a heavy dose of satire.

Episode One Trailer

Join Phil, Ricky, Tracy and Damien on the first Thursday of every month for an hour-long show that will entertain and enlighten you!

You can find out more detailed information along with a blog at the completelymachinima.com website. Note that in the coming weeks the Completely Machinima Podcast will be available on major podcast sites like Apple and Google podcasts.

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