Completely Machinima Interview: Scott Tanner

Ricky Grove Podcast Episodes April 4, 2021 Leave a reply

CM Interview with Scott Tanner Show Notes

Scott Tanner is, along with Chris Stapleton, the creator of Cine Guru, a cut-scene creation tool that is associated with Game Guru. We were all intrigued by this new application which looks quite smart. Tracy spent some time talking about Cine Guru and its future developments.



  • Cine Guru on Game Creator Store

  • Just Cause Top Gear Ep 1 – Top Gear machinima parody made in Just Cause 2 sFBi_h282p8

  • Game Guru and Game Guru Max

  • Perlin noise filter


  • Just Cause 2

  • Just Cause 3

  • Empire Earth

  • Age of Empires

  • FPS Creator

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