360° VR Filmmaking Masterclass

Phil Rice Blog April 10, 2021 Leave a reply

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If you were intrigued by the conversation in Season 1 Episode 2 of our podcast, where we discussed the relatively uncharted territory of VR and 360 degree filmmaking, this may interest you.

Over at CreatorUp – a site focused on education on the art of storytelling – they have a course titled “360° VR Filmmaking Masterclass” taught by some remarkably experienced pros. They’re offering a free preview which lets you sample part of the first module of the training, and they’re running an early access special on the course at half its normal price. Right now the full course is available for $150, but at the end of April (2021) the price is set to go up to $299.

We tend to focus our attention here on free or low cost training opportunities, but I thought I’d mention this “premium” training simply because it’s highly specialized and is so related to a topic we recently discussed on the show. Plus, if you’re really serious about this kind of filmmaking, you’ve probably already made a substantial investment in equipment, or you plan to. So this kind of educational investment might make sense if that’s the case.

Check out their course page, which shows the full curriculum and schedule, tells you all about the instructors, and even has a trailer.

It’s worth mentioning, too, that CreatorUp has a substantial catalog of other filmmaking-related courses – many of which are priced under $20.

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