S3 E84 DCS: The Ghost | DCS: The Right Stuff (July 2023)

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This week, we discuss some of the best flight sim machinima we’ve ever seen, thanks to Damien’s picks.  We couldn’t decide which was better, so we discuss two films: The Ghost and The Right Stuff by J P Ferre, made in DCS.  The first is a horror story and the other a story of one of the most influential pioneers of modern space flight today: Chuck Yeager. It is an outstanding retelling of one particularly testing flight, and is a Hollywood movie in 12 minutes! 

YouTube Version of this Film

Show Notes & Links

DCS: The Ghost by J P Ferre, released 6 April 2021 –

DCS: The Right Stuff by J P Ferre, released 10 December 2022 –

Read about Chuck Yeager on the Academy of Achievement’s website here or Wikipedia here

Faith, Hope and Charity, by Wingmen Productions (originally released 2007) – this is a post of the film, unfortunately the original website no longer exists –

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