S4 E125 Its science but not as we know it… Blackholes & New York (Apr 2024)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes April 17, 2024 Leave a reply

This week, we discuss one of the most outstanding presentations of space science, by  @EpicSpaceman , called I put 4M Suns in a Blackhole. Made in Blender, we discuss the creative workflow adopted, from zero to hero – and why the  @BlenderOfficial  Foundation should take note. We make a few suggestions for enhancing the work even more and discuss the primary audiences for this type of conrtent. Quite simply, the narrative style and animation makes hard science relatable!

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Show Notes & Links

Film, I Put 4 Million Suns in a Black Hole over New York by Epic Spaceman, released 31 Jan 2024

Who is Epic Spaceman, video explainer and how he made the film here.

More about Toby Lockerbie on his website here.

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