S4 E126 Music Videos: Portal | Helldivers 2 (Apr 2024)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes April 17, 2024 Leave a reply

This week, we cover three outstanding music videos, demonstrating different genres of music and different game engines – a re-imagined Simon and Garfunkel classic, a pop-tacular and a rap. We discuss the perfect match between the lyrics, the game and the images our three selected creators have demonstrated in these shorts. We suggest comparing and contrasting, but really we just mean enjoy them all for what they are.

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Show Notes and Links

Portal – the Sound of Science by Harry101UK, released 29 May 2020

Who I Am | Portal Minecraft Animated Music Video [Song by CG5] by Cubical, released 6 May 2020 –

HELLDIVERS 2 RAP by JT Music – To Liberty and Beyond, released 9 March 2024

and here is the link to Harry1010UK’s Meet the Cores 1 mentioned –

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