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S4 E137 Machinima News Omnibus (July 2024)

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This month’s news omnibus covers our usual breadth of topics – from Reallusion’s Character Creator contest; to a ‘how to create in SL’, available only in SL; to Project Odyssey’s contest for genAIers; to the winners of the second AIFF; to some fabulous projects such as  @EpicSpaceman  latest film, an Elden Ring band, Jennifer McKnew’s Sydney and Socket project, and one dedicated to sharing with us the ‘speed of animals’; to the fallout from the Prince Charles Cinema debate about showcasing an genAI film; launch of the Starfield Creation Kit; Homefield 3; and a must have tool for creating great quality 3D backbounds called Distopica. Its a must watch for anyone working in #machinima!

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Show Notes & Links

Reallusion’s Character Creator contest, link here

SL marketplace, Stem Van Helsinki’s virtual book on ‘how to be a video artist in Second Life’, link here

Skibidi toilet meme and Roblox game link here

Project Odyssey contest for genAI films, link here

Stable Diffusion’s Stable Audio Open, link here

OpenAI’s Sora and screening at the Tribeca Film Festival, links here and here

Epic Spaceman’s latest science jaunt – this time to the nano scale –

An Elden Ring band, not the usual kind of thing you will run into inside the game for sure –

A curious short about a swan and a robot, made in Unreal, entitled Sydney and Socket directed by Jennifer McKnew –

and Jennifer’s reflections on the creative process here

Red Side’s speed comparison of 3D animals –

Prince Charles Cinema debate, link here

Starfield Creation Kit, available here

Homeworld 3 mod tools and editor, available here

Dystopika, sandbox for futuristic cities, available on Steam here

S4 E136 GTA5: Los Santos police throw themselves into offering box (July 2024)

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This week’s film review is of [GTA5] 賽銭箱に身を投げる ロスサントス市警察, made by  @mzanku  – its absurdist humor but also deeply disturbing, which hits us all in different ways around half way through watching the film. Following our discussions, we conclude the creator probably didn’t intend for the work to be culturally appropriated as an interpretation of US police brutality, but that interpretation was nonetheless possible. In closing out the ep, Ricky discusses the new DLC for Elden Ring and the role cheese plays in enjoying it.

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Show Notes & Links

[GTA5] 賽銭箱に身を投げる ロスサントス市警察 or Los Santos police throw themselves into offering box by mzankurow, released 14 April 2024 –

Elden Ring DLC available to download from Steam here

S4 E131 Forlorn (May 2024)

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This week, we review a pretender for a new Disney show called Forlorn, by @projectforlorn (aka Alex St Pierre). Well, it may well be at some point in the near future! Starting life as a tech demo, this short has an interesting back story and has evolved into something even more interesting. Check out our review and add your own thoughts!

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Show Notes & Links

Forlorn | Unreal Engine Short Film by Project Forlorn, released 3 Jan 2024 –

About Project Forlorn, website information here

How to and interview for Kitbash3D with St Pierre on Forlorn –

What is a MacGuffin? Check it out here

Trailer for Something Wicked This Way Comes, Disney –

S4 E115 Machinima News Omnibus (Feb 2024)

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This week, we spend some time talking about new tools, emergent topics, AI and copyright (again), with some interesting links for you below. Check out the episode here –

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Show Notes & Links

New tool releases

iClone’s ‘clumsy moves’ pack, available at $70, can be downloaded here

Crowd simulation tools, including Reallusion’s sim bundle for CC4 and social groups for iClone 8, link here and a nice video here –

and Kenneth MacLean’s MegaHumans plugin WIP. No link for the latter, but here’s a neat show and tell video –

A free new VR mod by Praydog for Unreal Engine – here’s an overview about it –

Mickey and AI discussion

Disney’s Mickey in a horror game called Infestation Origins that will be released later this year –

and an interesting AI generated short that seems to confirm Mickey’s transmogrification into a horror character –

Princeton’s Public Domain Project released an annual report – check it out here for 2024.

Improving the quality of your machinima films with AI, check out Pryda Parx suggestions here –

and you can also check out the restored machinimas Phil did for the Machiniplex channel here, and here’s the trailer for the body of work too –

Google’s VideoPoet that turns prompts into animations without the interim stage of an image and a separate tool like Runway to animate it.  Here’s a neat example of its capabilities, focussing on a travelling raccoon –

Mods and Cockers!

The Convergence mod for Elden Ring (and many others), v 1.4 – a nice overview here –

and here’s a link to the mod for download

A case of corporate bullying? Check out the situation this Minecrafter is facing and if you’re a legal expert, do please get in touch with him to help out!

S4 E110 Elden Ring Machinima: Overpowering Character Builds (Jan 2024)

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Kicking off 2024 with machinima from a slightly different perspective: this week, Ricky introduces us to the #letsplay/#tutorial/#epicguideline/#showNtell genre in his favorite game of all time: Elden Ring. Its the first time we’ve heard just how much time he’s spent in game and we won’t draw attention to it just in case his partner is following us… but from the machinimas he shared with us, he’s by no means alone. We discuss their usefulness and impact in the world of machinima, why building OP characters is important and just how skilled these creators are not only in the game but also in producing documentaries about the game. We start with a discussion about a new laptop for gaming Ricky has found that is up to the complexities of the Elden Ring task, and then he gives a run through of two specific films, plus some name checks across the various different approaches to OP building and boss fighting he’s observed.

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Show Notes & Links

Asus Tuf F15 Gaming Laptop link

Nizar GG channel link

ThingFishy channel link

Monk channel link

Fextralife channel link

GinoMachino channel link

Films discussed below –

The Strongest DEX Build You’ll Ever See in Elden Ring (GET OP EARLY) | Ultimate Warrior Guide, by Nizar GG, released 21 Nov 2022

How to Make The 20 Best Strength Builds | Elden Ring, by Thingfishy, released 4 Nov 2023