S4 E131 Forlorn (May 2024)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes May 29, 2024 Leave a reply

This week, we review a pretender for a new Disney show called Forlorn, by @projectforlorn (aka Alex St Pierre). Well, it may well be at some point in the near future! Starting life as a tech demo, this short has an interesting back story and has evolved into something even more interesting. Check out our review and add your own thoughts!

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Show Notes & Links

Forlorn | Unreal Engine Short Film by Project Forlorn, released 3 Jan 2024 –

About Project Forlorn, website information here

How to and interview for Kitbash3D with St Pierre on Forlorn –

What is a MacGuffin? Check it out here

Trailer for Something Wicked This Way Comes, Disney –

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