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S3 E72 Film Review: Astartes Project (April 2023)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes April 5, 2023 Leave a reply

This week’s review is of Syama Pedersen’s stunning Warhammer 40K masterpiece called Astartes Project. The film was first released two years ago and has been recommended to us by Orencloud. It is currently hosted on TheChach’s channel – we explain why.

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Show Notes and Links

Link to the film on TheChach’s YouTube channel here –

and link to Syama Pedersen’s channel here.

Here’s a link to Astartes Project on the Warhammer community site.

This is an excellent explainer of Warhammer and the lore of the game by Thall, released on 3 Feb 2023, that is worth watching too –

Or you can go to the Rumble 40K Lore Master videos here.

Completely Machinima S2 Ep 45 Films (September 2022)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes September 8, 2022 1 Comment

In this episode, Ricky, Tracy, Phil and Damien review some of the best short movies we’ve seen made using machinima and virtual production techniques yet! Not all are hot off the press, but certainly films like The Lord Inquisitor – Prologue allude to why Unreal Engine has become such a key tool for creators today, as beautifully exemplified in extraordinary films we review this week, The Cloud Racer and Prazinburk Ridge. Person2184, made in Unreal Tournament 2004, was an altogether different approach to experiencing real-time content – originally intended to be experienced in-game and is an early example of the promise of what VR may yet become in future. 

YouTube Version of this Episode

Show Notes and Links

0:10 Ricky introduces our new episode format – feedback welcome on the plans!

0:59 The Cloud Racer by Impossible Objects (UE5), released 15 August 2022 and Short of the Week, curated review by Jason Sondhi, released 10 August 2022

The Cloud Racer

21:16 The Lord Inquisitor – Prologue, by Warpgazer Animations (released 28 August 2016). See also this promotional video released in 2013, when it had already been in production for 2 years!

The Lord Inquisitor – Prologue

39:15 Person2184 (UT2004 machinima), by Friedrich Kirschner released 4 April 2008 (and the version we’re linking to uploaded by mdvhimself on 17 August 2022) and hear more about The Journey in our Unreal history episode by Ben Grussi, recently released. Addendum: Friedrich has confirmed the work was released in 2005 and premiered at the Machinima Film Festival that year.


This image is from the Machinima Europe Festival 2007, showing Friedrich Kirschner front left (striped jumper) among other machinima luminaries including Hugh Hancock (mid back), Paul Marino (right front), Alex Chan (next to Friedrich) and Tracy (centre front).

Friedrich Kirschner at Machinima Festival Europe 2007

59:09 Prazinburk Ridge by Yes, Commissioner? aka Martin Bell, Unreal Engine 4 (released 27 June 2022) and Steven Bell’s book about the life of the character portrayed in the film, Dougie Clark, https://www.pitchpublishing.co.uk/shop/man-all-talents

Prazinburk Ridge