Completely Machinima Interview: Slavo Strangeovich

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And Now For Something Completely Machinima is a long-form podcast devoted to machinima (movies made in game engines), real-time technologies and virtual reality. This month (April 2021) we are splitting our podcast into four sections which will post once a week: Machinima News (April 1), Machinima Films (April 8), Machinima Discussion (April 15), and a Special “Build a Machinima PC” podcast (April 22).

This episode was produced by Ricky Grovejoined by hosts Phil RiceTracy Harwoodand Damien Valentine.

Summary:  Ricky interviews Slavo Strangeovich (formerly known as m dot strange) about his new game “Nightmare Puppeteer”, which is actually a great machinima-creation tool. 

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Slavo Interview

Imagination Rabbit Youtube channel

Nightmare Puppeteer on Steam-like

Nightmare Puppeteer on Steam (

Nightmare Puppeteer website

Nightmare Puppeteer

Time links

1:31         Sets in Nightmare Puppeteer

3:35         Running Man set

5:35         Slavo corrects Ricky: He outsourced set creation like a good capitalist

6:48         Slavo on “Rando” characters and their use in Nightmare Puppeteer

8:28         Public response to Nightmare Puppeteer

9:28         Ricky can’t read his own handwriting but asks question anyway

10:17      Twitch Integration 

12:53      Fast overview on how to create machinima in Nightmare Puppeteer

14:38      How to record video in Nightmare Puppeteer

15:31      Hidden features in Nightmare Puppeteer

17:48      How to bring in custom content

19:45      Ricky’s Strange Opera idea and how to remove singers voice from a recording

21:14      Aida with Caruso and music credits

               link to Caruso recording at (public domain

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