Completely Machinima S1 Ep 19 Discussion (September 2021)

Ricky Grove Podcast Episodes September 16, 2021 1 Comment

Tracy, Ricky, and Damien discuss the topic, “Is machinima capable of movie-length films?” Damien chose two-hour-plus long machinima films this month and this made us wonder if machinima is capable of sustaining interest over a longer period of time. We also talk about other related topics. Missing Phil in the discussion as he was unable to make it this month.

Here are the links to topics that came up in the discussion:

-Chronicles of Humanity, Damien Valentine

-Red vs Blue season 1, Rooster Teeth

-Nvidia Omniverse launch video at SIGGRAPH 2021

-Ozymandias, Hugh Hancock

-Clear Skies, Ian Chisholm


1 Comment

Ian Chisholm September 17, 2021

Thanks for saying the nice things about me 🙂 I think the difficulty in smashing a series of episodes together to make a long format is that the pacing, cadence, and writing structure is all wrong so there isn’t much chance of it being a satisfying outcome. A short form episode is anything from ten to 40 minutes and in there you need everything to happen, the hook, the false dawn, third act dip, conclusion etc. and sitting through 3 to ten of those in a row would be tiresome. A long form film needs to follow its own structure to work, and be written for that.

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