S3 E79 Genesis by Edy Recendez (May 2023)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes May 31, 2023 Leave a reply

A well-trodden path in alien encounters, this week’s short is Genesis by Edy Recendez, filmed in Unreal Engine. From the very beginning the film is such fun, with great editing and sound design – right up to and including the ending ‘rap slash dance’ credits. Ricky, Phil and Damien also talk about the upcoming Diablo 4 release.

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Show Notes & Links

Genesis by Edy Recendez, released 19 Sept 2021 –

Edmond Hamilton, Golden Age writer

Ray Harryhausen design of creatures in the Sinbad Trilogy, released by Powerhouse

Carbot Productions, 2D machinima series made with Elden Ring –

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