S4 E99 Elite Dangerous Odyssey: The Personal Odyssey 1 (Oct 2023)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes October 18, 2023 Leave a reply

This week our film selection is an Elite Dangerous Odyssey ‘Captain’s Log’ style machinima, heavily influenced by Douglas Adams and John Carpenter with shades of Gerry Anderson. The film is The Personal Odyssey 1 by Cmdr Fortytwo. We discuss the use of AI generated voices in this (its a 2021 film) and in particular how well its use can convey emotion – our debate is a deliberation on the choice to create a monotonic dialogue. Damien’s overview of the Thargoids is a fascinating insight into the hidden game lore of Elite Dangerous.

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Show Notes & Links

The Personal Odyssey 1 | Cinematic Exploration | Elite Dangerous Odyssey by Cmdr. Fortytwo, released 24 October 2021

Gerry Anderson’s Space:1999 opening –

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