S3 E65 Let’s Play Nomad X (Feb 2023)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes February 16, 2023 Leave a reply

Ricky’s pick for the month is Let’s Play Nomad X by Kristian Andrews, uploaded to Vimeo on 11 Mar 2013. The film is a ‘slice of life’ comedy with intriguing mix of playing a 90s style space game, Nomad X, and reflecting on losing the love of your life – a perfect antidote for those Valentine’s week shenanigans!

YouTube Version of the Episode

Show Notes and Links

Let’s Play Nomad X by Kristian Andrews, released 11 March 2013 –

Link to Director’s Notes interview about the film here

One of the director’s favour films, Frontier Fundamentals, Ep 1, @JimPlaysGames –

Game mentioned in the discussion, Barbara-Ian, available on Steam here

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