S4 E129 Cinematics: GTA5 (May 2024)

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes May 15, 2024 Leave a reply

Not for the first time do we discuss the gorgeous cinematic qualities of GTA5, and this week we share a beaut by @Salva.Padilla. This one has a distinct vibe to it, but it is its general ambiguity that we especially love about the machinima. We each see something a little different in it! What do you see in it?

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Show Notes & Links

Film, Cinematic Experience GTA V Machinima by Salva Padilla, released 15 April 2024

About Walter Ruttmann’s Berlin, Symphony of a Great City, 1927 –

Nina Simone estate interview excerpt, To Be Free, released 16 Feb 2013 –

Feelings by Fuxkyodie, released 20 Sept 2023 –

Official trailer for Asphalt City –

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