S3 Ep 47 ‘How I learned Unity without following Tutorials’ by Mark Brown

Tracy Harwood Podcast Episodes October 5, 2022 1 Comment

This week, we share feedback on our reviews from September’s selection and discuss a video about learning production techniques, selected by Phil: ‘How I learned Unity without following tutorials’ by Mark Brown.

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0:47 Ricky highlights some of the news items we’re released in a series of blogs this month, being released on Mondays, starting with out Tech Update on 3 Oct, then Projects Update on 10 Oct, Fests & Contests Update on 17 Oct and finally a Report on Creative AI Generators on 24 Oct. You can find these on https://CompletelyMachinima.com/Blog

2:19 Feedback on previous episodes – see original episode on our website relating to Prazinburk Ridge, The Inquisitor and person2184 and Facing the Wolf

6:51 How I learned Unity without following tutorials (Developing 1) by Mark Brown on his Game Maker’s Toolkit channel, released 28 September 2021 – discussion, learning by rote vs learning concepts, different learning styles and role of prototyping in machinima and virtual production.

Q: What are your favourite tutorials on machinima making? Get in touch and let us know on our email or other channels

1 Comment

Evan Ryan October 6, 2022

I use Damien’s task-based learning style. I try to learn with purpose, “how do I do specificly this,” and then find a tutorial for just that. The 20/80 rule of learning is something I keep in mind too. I love editing video… I’ve used Vegas since 2006 but I couldn’t tell you what most of it does… because I don’t need to know. Tracy hits the mark about practical experience too. The first thing I do with new software is open it and start pressing buttons. I go into it with the mindset that I won’t make anything during this time, and i accept it will probably suck if I do. That no pressure first experience is really valuable to me.

Freedom arts makes good tuts for iclone that are specific task based.

Warlord is great too, but more of a Bob Ross kind of vibe. This tutorial in particular really inspired me early on

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